Thursday, July 31, 2014

Have you ever thought about the concept of hair? I always think to myself, when did it become popular to dress hair, to make it different? I've been at The Arrojo Bootcamp for 3 weeks now and have learned so many tricks to dress hair. If you want a natural highlight or beautiful layers, I can officially say that I can give it to you. Hair is this dead, limp, keratinous filament but I can make it beautiful. I get the chance of changing someone's image and confidence. I am able to enhance the most admired part of the body, the face.
I have not always felt so fortunate to do hair. Working in this industry is cut throat and stressful. Like I said, you are working with such an important feature that any mistakes are readily noticed. That's a lot of pressure. But when you break it down, back to it being just hair, how can that be so stressful? The answer is, hair is an art. I officially can say that I enjoy this art.

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