Friday, August 1, 2014

All Hail New York!!

I love New York for various reasons. Reason number 1, it's so complimentary. People just tell you how it is. I have received so many compliments from random people, not necessarily people I want compliments from, but non the less compliments. I have never had that experience before. So, thank you New York. Reason number 2, the city never sleeps. No matter what hour of the day, there's something to do and you're not the only person looking for a cause. The subways never stop and the people never sleep. Although the subways do randomly decide to change routes which can be a pain in the ass. New York is full of a wide variety of people, reason number three. You never know who you're going to meet or see. For instance, I spotted a beautiful Mercedes and non other then Dr Sloan from Greys Anatomy was entering it. Talk about a beautiful scene. Number four, as much as people are complimentary, equally, people are quiet. You can always tell who is a local by the way they are at the subway. If they have music on and are standing in a "don't talk to me" fashion, they live in New York. I decided to try it and it's worked for me so far, however, I'm playing country music which I doubt most people are listening too.
On another note, reasons New York is getting old. Waiting for a subway in the underground heat for 10 plus minutes is a pain. I wish I had a car, however, I'm glad I don't have to drive a car in the city. Driving here is intense. Having to take hour long subway rides is also another annoying thing. Not having a car to throw random things in means having to carry around a 10 lb bag on your shoulder thru human traffic. That is a pain beyond describable. Trying to carry on a conversation on the phone while all the trucks are driving by and cars are honking makes it incredibly difficult to hear. To sum it up, I miss my car. I have experienced a man grinding the pole in the subway, while his butt crack hung out of his pants, a woman's throw up on the subway, and waiting for the subway for 30 minutes in the heat. Man do I love it here!!
All in all I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. It's intense and wonderful. All hail New York City!

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